Veenome is Now A Part of Integral Ad Science

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So what does Veenome do?

Veenome analyzes videos on web pages and sites for content, brand safety, and viewability. This is done automatically and efficiently, at huge scale so that millions of videos may be analyzed easily.

We detect any kind of video on a page or domain and determine if the video is brand safe, and what exactly the category of the content is, using proprietary and patent-pending algorithms. We extract viewability information, like player size and position.  We also detect things like muting state of the video, auto-play state, page content and language.

how it works

You send us videos,
pages or domains

These can be sent via our REST API,
via simple Excel file, or through a
pixel during an actual campaign.

We ingest the domain or page
info into our system

and for each object found, determine
what is a video (in-stream) and what is an ad (in-banner) and what is a game (in-game).

We determine the video

We measure the position, size,
autoplay and mute state of each video.

We extract relevant video
and audio information

Using cloud computers to “watch“
the video we extract contextually .
significant video frames & audio

We analyze the
video, audio and page information

Utilizing an assortment of sophisticated techniques
we distill the essence of the video
into basic subject/category and brand-safety aspects.

Large Scale

Through the use of cloud architecture
and advanced video syndication
detection, Veenome works at scale
with the world's largest ad networks,
brands and agencies.

Then the data is returned in
several ways including:

via the API into customers’ systems,
in a batch file, displayed in the Veenome
dashboard or fed directly into a system
to blacklist & whitelist domains


Lift the average CPMs of remnant or unknown video inventory by segmenting that content into valuable categories like automotive or fashion.

Brand Safety

Eliminate unpleasant or objectionable content. Increase spend for traditional advertisers by reducing their risk on new or unfamiliar video inventory.

Buy Optimization

Correlate the above content metrics with completion rate and buy more of that kind of content, getting ads that are more likely to complete.


Understand general business metrics about your video content for better business intelligence. Advise and police publishers with poor metrics.

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