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YouTube Channel Content Analytics

YouTube Channel Data?

Veenome Channel Verification is a criteria of brand safety, targeting and video attributes that apply specifically to YouTube channels. With the rise of YouTube channel content, advertisers and agencies are seeking ways to evaluate brand safety for their particular advertisers. Because of Veenome’s unique ability to analyze the actual video content of the videos – advertisers can be assured they will know exactly what kind of content they are advertising on.

Veenome scans and analyzes the imagery and audio of videos for subject matter as they launch onto Youtube channels and also gathers supplemental data comprising uniquely complete video quality metrics including:

-video content subject matter
-video content brand safety
-page text
-comments and metadata
-number of players
-player size
-player position
-auto-play state
-auto-mute state

These attributes are combined into a quality score and updated daily. Quality scores and the data that make up these scores are constantly refreshed and provided to advertisers and agencies in real time so that they can make decisions before running a campaign about which channels to advertise on based on their specific content and brand safety needs.

Why Veenome YouTube Analysis?

Veenome’s YouTube Channel Verification is the only solution on the market that can analyze the actual video content in a YouTube channel and have this data ready BEFORE advertisements are run. Content is indexed by subject matter like “Home and Garden”, “DIY”, “Technology” or even custom content categories. That same content is also indexed for brand safety and avoidance content scanning for imagery and audio portraying drugs, violence, nudity or other negative content. Advertisers and brands can’t rely on the simple meta-data supplied by a wide variety of users and publishers with varying levels of what brand safety really means, so indexing the actual content is the only way for them to be thorough and consistent.

By indexing this information in addition to the text, other metadata and comments on each page, the solution is truly complete and offers total security to brands. Other solutions simply pull metadata that is provided by producers at the page level or scan text on the page, neither of which is central to the actual video content. Only by examining the truly important content that video ads precede, can advertisers be truly sure of the level of brand safety and alignment within a specific channel. The complete offering is available by simple subscription such that the information is available for ad decisioning via our API and also for simple visualization and evaluation via the Veenome dashboard.

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